NOVA (Neatly Organized Voxel API) is a modding framework for voxel games.

It provides an abstraction that is easy to use and maintain while giving developers confidence that their work can be used across different voxel games and their versions.

Why use NOVA

NOVA is a simple and flexible framework. It allows anyone to create their own game content more easily than ever.

We create NOVA wrappers for new game versions and other games. You don't have to touch your mod when a new wrapper is released, it just works.

NOVA is compatible with existing modding frameworks, including Minecraft Forge, and can interface with native mods.

NOVA makes it easier than ever to test mods with the ability to create unit tests, something unheard of with other modding frameworks.

NOVA is open. We use LGPLv3 to be sure that the API can be used by anyone without any legal issues. We also encourage everyone to contribute to the project.

NOVA is abstract so it's mods may work for multiple games. Thanks to modular design of the API we can port it to almost any voxel game.


NOVA consists of two parts, NovaCore and and the NOVA game wrappers. If you are a game user you probably want to get wrapper for your game.

N/A Download game wrapper

If you are a mod developer you may want the mod template. You can get it here as a zip.

See NOVA Gradle and Getting Started on Nova Docs

N/A Download game wrapper
Download NOVA Mod Template