Getting started

Workspace Setup

Workspace setup is done with the NOVA Gradle plugin, make sure you follow the setup docs here

Mod Loading

All mods have a main class that implements Loadable and is annotated with @Mod. The @Mod annotation tells NOVA that this is a mod class that needs to be loaded. Any class which implements Loadable has three methods, preInit(), init(), and postInit(). These methods are automatically called during the appropriated loading phases. Most of the content in NOVA must be registered during the preInit phase.

@Mod(id = NovaBlock.MOD_ID, name = "Nova Example Block", version = "0.0.1", novaVersion = "0.1.0")
public class NovaBlock implements Loadable {

    public static final String MOD_ID = "novablock";

    public static BlockFactory blockStateful;
    public static BlockFactory blockStateless;

    public final BlockManager blockManager;

    public NovaBlock(BlockManager blockManager) {
        this.blockManager = blockManager;

    public void preInit() {
        blockStateful = blockManager.register(MOD_ID + ":stateful", BlockStateful::new);
        blockStateless = blockManager.register(MOD_ID + ":simple", BlockStateless::new);

Dependency Injection

All NOVA mods use dependency injection. Using dependency injection NOVA mods can automatically accept only the managers that they need. In the example above, the mod constructor only accepts a BlockManager so when the mod is constructed it will only be passed a BlockManager. If we were to change the constructor so it accepts a BlockManager and an ItemManager, the dependency injection system will pass it a BlockManager and an ItemManager when the mod is constructed. This allows the mod constructor to only accept whatever it needs and NOVA will determine what to pass it at load time.

Working with third party mods

When writing a NOVA mod, sometimes, you might want to extend content from another mod. This can be achieved by using the dependencies parameter of the Mod annotation. The strings in the array are formatted as [email protected], where: